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Terms and Conditions for UPC Code Purchase

Buyer understands and agrees that the UPC numbers purchased from Elfring Fonts, Inc. may not be acceptable for use with all retailers. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to determine the requirements, rules and restrictions imposed by all retailers with whom the Buyer will be doing business. Elfring Fonts, Inc. is not responsible in any way for any retailer that does not choose to accept your UPC Codes and does not refund transactions if you encounter a retailer that will not accept your number. In general, this only occurs if the retailer requires you the Buyer to furnish a copy of your GS1 issued Company Prefix certificate with your company's name.

Buyer agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Elfring Fonts, Inc. and any of their proprietors, employees, contractors, personnel, and officers from any and all legal claims arising out of use of Elfring Fonts, Inc. UPC Codes, including, but not limited to product liability claims, criminal prosecution, and retailer punitive fines.

By purchasing a UPC Code from Elfring Fonts, Inc. you hereby agree to the following: (i) to consent to all civil legal proceedings being governed by the substantive laws of the state of Illinois; (ii) to consent to the jurisdiction of any federal or state court located in the state of Illinois; (iii) to waive any objection based on lack of personal jurisdiction, improper venue, or forum non convenes; (iv) to waive any and all rights to a trial by jury; and (v) to pay all attorneys' fees and costs of Elfring Fonts, Inc. and its successors and assigns, in enforcing the terms of this agreement.

You must read, agree, and accept this Agreement in its entirety before purchasing a UPC Code assignment. Please read the entire Agreement before accepting it. Accepting this Agreement binds you to the terms and conditions listed below upon completion of this order.

UPC Codes from Elfring Fonts, Inc. are assigned using a GS1 Company Prefix that is wholly owned by Elfring Fonts, Inc. The Buyer understands and agrees that you are not buying the right to use Elfring Fonts, Inc's GS1 Company Prefix. Buyer is purchasing the ownership of an individual, or group of specific, UPC numbers. Buyer agrees not to use UPC Codes containing the Elfring Fonts, Inc. prefix other than the specific UPC Codes purchased by you from Elfring Fonts, Inc.

The UPC Code assigned to you by Elfring Fonts, Inc. is a unique GS1 UPC Code and may be solely used for the identification of a single product. Buyer is prohibited from renting, leasing, assigning or transferring this UPC Code purchased from Elfring Fonts, Inc. Any Prohibited Use or use of any UPC Code other than the one(s) ordered and supplied to you by Elfring Fonts, Inc. is strictly prohibited and illegal. Such use may result in civil and criminal legal proceedings against you the Buyer.

In order to ensure that the UPC Numbers issued by Elfring Fonts, Inc. are unique, no refunds are available after the sales transaction is completed. It is the Buyer's responsibility to ensure your retailer will accept this UPC Code before purchasing it.